Love Your Toys

best lube for sex toys

You love your sex toys, but do your toys know that you love them? Show your toy the love and gratitude it deserves by gifting it one, or all three of the products in our Toy Collection!


Your toy will love you like never before and you will reap all the pleasurable benefits. These cutting edge personal lubricants are developed specifically for use with your favorite toys, designed to stay in place where you put it and not run away. Heat things up with Toy Fever, which seductive sensation heightens pleasure while heating up the mood. Cool things down with Toy Breeze, and let the gentle cooling sensation will give you goose-bumps of pleasure. Not looking for added sensation? Then Toy Love is for you – with a jelly like texture, this super slick lube provides additional glide for all types of toy play (and materials). 



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