Five Menopause Facts and Essential Tips from jessica drake

It’s World Menopause Day, and I want to get the conversation started by giving you some facts about menopause. This conversation is long overdue and one close to my heart. Menopause is a journey experienced by billions, yet shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. It’s more than just a phase; it’s a powerful transition, a natural…
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the do’s & don’ts of anal play 

Happy Anal August! Maybe you’ve celebrated before, or maybe you’re brand new to this, but I’d like to share some very important do’s and don’ts with you about anal play. Feel free to pass this along to a partner to get a conversation going about the ins and outs of anal sex. First, my list…
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jessica drake’s Top 5 Flavored Lube Tips

Five Ways to Use Wicked Sensual Care Flavored Lubes   One of the things Wicked Sensual Care is known for is an incredible collection of flavored water based lubes. If you haven’t tried ours yet, forget every bad experience you’ve had with flavored lubes in the past. These aren’t sticky, they’re not tacky, and they’re…
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5 Common Lube Myths Debunked

These 5 lube myths are still so common! See them debunked by Resident Sex Educator jessica drake. Lube is for people with “problems” NOPE. Lube is made to enhance your sexual experiences, decrease friction, and increase pleasure. If my partner isn’t wet enough, I’m doing something wrong. Not at all. People can experience vaginal dryness…
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5 Tips For Sensual Massage

The term “skin hunger” refers to our biological hard-wired need for human contact. During the worst of the pandemic as we were isolated, many people became touch deprived, causing anxiety, depression, and an overall increase in stress. In the midst of these difficult times, Wicked Sensual Care was working on mindfully crafting a line that…
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New Year, New Lube Adventure

Out with the old and in with the new! January is a great time for fresh starts and trying new things, so I’ve put together a list of my five favorite Wicked Sensual Care products to ring in 2024. Awaken This clitoral massage gel acts as a stimulant to get the blood flowing and increase…
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