Seasons Change.

Seasons Change.     It’s Libra Season!   I love October for a lot of reasons- the weather is changing, Halloween is coming, (and we know I love an excuse to dress up!) but most of all, I love it because Aids Walk LA happens in October- and that’s how I usually celebrate my birthday.…
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September Musings

Welcome to September, loves.   We’re in an extensive period of celebration- it’s still Anal Autumn, so feel free to keep exploring anal pleasure along with all the amazing lubes we have to compliment anal play. Refresh your anal education with this blog.   September is also Sexual Health month, coinciding with Back to School,…
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It’s Anal August

It’s Anal August   It’s officially Anal August! Before you read all the ways to celebrate  Anal August with Wicked Sensual Care, I want to share some information from Anal workshops I’ve given throughout the years.    At the beginning of class, I ask folks what their top concerns are about anal play. Here are…
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We love silicone

Well… Summer is here. It seems like every time I’m ready to write a new letter to y’all, something happens. So much so that it’s not just things “happening”, it’s that the shit storm is ongoing. I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of feelings right now. I’m angry, I’m scared, I’m…
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What Pride Means To Me

What Pride Means To Me Happy Pride Month! As we dive into a Summer of the world continuing to open up again, we can expect to see bigger Pride celebrations than ever before, with people making up for lost time and realizing the value of connection and community. For me, Pride has been a place…
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jessica drake

Masturbation & Mental Health

Think back to the first time you discovered masturbation.     That feeling of sheer pleasure and delight as you found something downright magical that your body can do just for fun. Think back to the frequency and intensity.   Now think about your masturbatory habits today. Are you still exploring your body with the…
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