Which lubricant(s) are right for me?

When it comes to lube, there's a world of options: water-based, silicone, or hybrid. It's crucial to remember that each body is unique, and preferences can vary widely. The best strategy for discovering your ideal lubricant is through experimentation. 

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Start with the basics: our Aqua (water-based) and Ultra (silicone-based) lubes. As you become more familiar, explore our diverse range, which includes various textures, sensations, and even flavors. You might find that you prefer different Wicked Sensual Care (WSC) lubes for different types of sexual activities.


For external masturbation, we offer Crème, an oil-based stroking cream. Remember, choosing a lubricant is a highly personal decision, and what matters most is finding what feels right for you.

Are there any ingredients I should be cautious of?

Each individual's body responds differently to various substances, and some may experience sensitivities. If you've encountered irritation or discomfort, it's wise to try something new. We offer a wide range of lubes catering to every body type. For those with sensitivities, our Aqua Sensitive or any product from our simply® line, known for its minimal ingredient list, could be ideal.

Which products are safe / recommended for vaginal intercourse?

All Wicked Sensual Care lubricants are formulated to be safe for vaginal use. However, we advise against using our masturbation Crème internally.

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WSC provides a variety of lubes suitable for anal play. Our Aqua Jelle, simply® Aqua Jelle, and Hybrid Jelle, with their thicker consistencies, are specifically designed for anal sex. For those who enjoy sensation play during anal intercourse, Jelle Heat or Jelle Chill can be exhilarating options.

For long-lasting lubrication during anal sex, our silicone-based Ultra, Ultra Heat, and Ultra Chill are recommended. Our flavored lubes are great for rimming and are also extremely effective for anal penetration.

Note: Avoid using Overtime anally, as it contains numbing agents. When using it on yourself, allow 5-10 minutes for the product to fully absorb to prevent transfer to a partner. Additionally, our toy cleaners are not intended for internal use.

Which products are safe / recommended for people experiencing menopause?

The Timeless Menopausal Lube Collection is specially designed to provide comfort and enhance pleasure for those experiencing menopausal changes. Here are some key features:


  • Formulation: Our collection is formulated with premium, body-safe ingredients that are gentle and effective, making it ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Hydration: Enhanced with natural moisturizers, it helps alleviate vaginal dryness often associated with menopause, ensuring a smooth, comfortable experience. Each formula can be used as a daily vaginal moisturizer.
  • pH Balanced: The products are pH balanced to match the natural vaginal microbiome, promoting healthy intimate skin.
  • Long-Lasting: Our lubricants offer long-lasting lubrication, reducing the need for frequent reapplication.
  • Discreet and Convenient: The packaging is designed for discretion and easy use, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Compatibility: Safe to use with condoms and most toys, making it a versatile addition to all of your intimate moments.

Which products are safe / recommended for masturbating / toys?

When selecting a lubricant for toys, the material of the toy is a crucial consideration. All products in our Aqua, simply® Aqua, Jelle, and Hybrid lines are safe for use with any toy material. However, Ultra, our silicone lubricant, should be avoided with silicone toys or strokers that are not made from pure medical-grade silicone.


For toy play, Toy Love, Toy Fever, and Toy Breeze are excellent choices, as their thick viscosity and pump tops allow for precision application. For external masturbation, any WSC product that appeals to you is suitable, particularly Crème, our stroking cream, or Awaken, our clitoral massage gel. OverTime™, our delay cream, can also be used for stamina training during solo play. The possibilities are endless when it comes to personal pleasure.

Which products are safe / recommended for oral sex?

Our flavors are the perfect addition to oral sex, plus they are also safe for vaginal and anal sex.

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What are the benefits of using lube?

Using lubricant can significantly enhance sexual experiences. It reduces friction, thereby increasing pleasure and comfort. In the realm of anal play, lubricants are indispensable. From a health perspective, lubricants are essential as they can significantly lower the risk of micro-tears and fissures during sexual activities, thus reducing the likelihood of infections. Exploring Wicked Sensual Care’s range of lubes also opens up new avenues to enhance intimacy with a partner.


  • Reduces Friction: Lubricants significantly decrease friction, enhancing comfort and preventing the skin and sensitive tissues from tearing or irritation.
  • Increases Pleasure: By reducing friction, lubricants allow for smoother, more pleasurable movements, enhancing the overall sexual experience.
  • Prevents Injury: Using lube can prevent micro-tears and fissures, especially important during anal sex where the risk of tearing is higher.
  • Facilitates Sexual Activities: Lubricants make various forms of sexual activity more enjoyable and comfortable, including intercourse, masturbation, and the use of sex toys.
  • Enhances Intimacy: Incorporating lubricants into sexual activities can enhance the intimacy and pleasure for all parties involved.
  • Safe for Sensitive Skin: Specialty lubricants, such as those in the WSC simply® Collection, are designed to be gentle on sensitive skin, reducing the risk of irritation or allergic reactions.
  • Medical Needs and Concern: From a medical standpoint, the use of lubricants is recommended to reduce the risk of infections and aid in sexual activity for those experiencing dryness or discomfort. For those experiencing perimenopause, menopause, or beyond, the simply® Timeless collection is uniquely suited for enhancing pleasure at all stages of life. 
  • Versatility in Use: Different types of lubricants (water-based, silicone-based, hybrid) offer versatility for various sexual activities, providing options for every preference and need.

How do I know if I should use lube?

Lubricant is for everyone engaging in any form of sexual activity, solo or with a partner. Wicked Sensual Care lubes are designed to enhance your experiences, making them smoother and more enjoyable. Lubricant is an essential component in enhancing sexual experiences, applicable in a wide range of scenarios:

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  • Solo Pleasure: Whether engaging in masturbation or using sex toys, lubricant can provide smoother, more pleasurable sensations.
  • Partnered Sex: It enhances comfort and pleasure during vaginal or anal intercourse and is also beneficial during manual stimulation or foreplay.
  • Anal Play: Given that the anal area does not self-lubricate, using a lubricant is crucial for comfort and safety during anal intercourse or toy play.
  • Menopause or Hormonal Changes: Individuals experiencing dryness due to menopause, breastfeeding, or hormonal changes can find lubricants particularly beneficial for comfortable sexual activities.
  • Extended Sessions: For longer sexual activities, lubricants help maintain comfort and pleasure, preventing discomfort due to drying out.
  • Condom Use: Adding lubricant to a condom can increase pleasure and potentially reduce the risk of condom breakage.