Which lubricant(s) are right for me?

Water-based lube, silicone, or hybrid? There’s no question that lube is important, and at the same time, all bodies are different. People like different things, so the best way to choose your favorite is by experimenting. Start with two basic kinds - Aqua, which is water-based, and Ultra, our silicone lube. Graduate to our other lubes, with different consistencies, sensations, or even flavors. You may prefer a different type of WSC lube for different kinds of sex. 

For external masturbation, we have Creme oil-based stroking cream. Lubricant is a very personal choice. The most important thing is that you choose what works for you.

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Are there any ingredients I should be cautious of?

All bodies are different and have different sensitivities. If you’ve experienced any irritation or discomfort, we recommend you switch it up! Wicked Sensual Care has a lube for every body. If you are prone to sensitivities, try our Aqua Sensitive, or anything from our simply™ line.

How do I know if I should use lube?

Lubricant is for everyone. If you’re engaging in any type of sexual activity, whether solo or partnered, our lube is designed to make your experience even better.

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What are the benefits of using lube?

Lube decreases friction and increases pleasure. It makes anal play possible. From a medical standpoint, using lube can decrease the risk of tiny tears and fissures during sex, reducing the risk of infection. Exploring the WSC line of lubes can also be a great way to explore new things with a lover.

Which products are safe / recommended for vaginal intercourse?

All of our lubricants are safe for vaginal penetration. We do not recommend using our masturbation Creme internally, as oil-based lubes can potentially be harmful when used internally.

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Which products are safe / recommended for anal intercourse?

All of our lubes are safe for anal penetration.

Aqua Jelle, simply Aqua Jelle, and Hybrid Jelle all have a thicker consistency and have been specifically crafted with anal sex in mind. Some folks find sensation play extremely pleasurable when combined with anal sex, and for those people, we recommend Jelle Heat or Jelle Chill.

Some prefer a long-lasting silicone for anal sex, and we recommend Ultra, Ultra Heat, and Ultra Chill. Our flavored lubes are great for rimming and also work well with anal penetration.

We do not recommend using Overtime analy, as this product contains numbing agents. 

Our toy cleaners are not designed to be used internally.

Which products are safe / recommended for oral sex?

Our flavors are the perfect addition to oral sex, plus they are also safe for vaginal and anal sex.

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Which products are safe / recommended for masturbating / toys?

When choosing one of our lubes for toys and pleasure products, the material of the toy will be a deciding factor. All products in our Aqua and simply Aqua collection, including our Hybrids, are safe for all toys. Ultra, a silicone lubricant, should not be used with most silicone toys or strokers. 

Toy Love, Toy Fever, and Toy Breeze are all great choices for toy play. Any WSC product you enjoy is great for external masturbation - particularly Créme, our stroking cream, or Awaken, our clitoral massage gel. OverTime™, our delay cream, can be used for stamina training. When it comes to solo play, there are many possibilities.