Lubes That Make Anal Taste Great

Lubes That Make Anal Taste Great


In honor of Anal August, we are celebrating everything we love about anal play! From lubes that make anal taste great to the ultimate cushioney experience of the JELLE collection, we have the perfect lubes for anal play. Every Wicked Sensual Care lube works for anal play, but we are extra fond of using our flavored lubes for analingus. 

Flavored Lubes for Rimming

Any item in the Wicked Sensual Care collection is a great accompaniment to improve anal masturbation or partnered play, including our flavored lubes. Our delicious water-based flavors provide excellent slip for any type of anal play. 

There are several different ways you can have fun with Wicked Sensual Care flavored lube!


  • Use with toys or fingers
  • Create a fun flavor experience for anal oral sex
  • Mix your own flavored lube cocktail 


We love using any of our water-based, hybrid, or silicone lubes for anal sex. Penetrative anal play feels great, but there are many sensitive nerve endings around the exterior of the anus that deserve some attention. Using quality flavored lube for anal play makes it an extra enjoyable for the deliverer, too! 

Tips for Anal Oral

Every person’s definition of pleasure varies, so always communicate with your partner any desires or fantasies surrounding anal play. Consent is sexy! Once you have consent to explore with your partner, we suggest a few of these tips:

  1. Add a few drops of flavored lube around your partner’s anus
  2. Use a variety of pressures and stroke lengths with your tongue 
  3. Create a unique concoction by mixing two or three of your favorite flavors


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Other Wicked Sensual Care Anal Lubes

For the anal aficionado, JELLE, JELLE Chill, and JELLE Heat offer the ultimate cushioney experience for anal play. If you prefer an unflavored lube or are extra sensitive, we have a lube for that, too!  

simply™ Aqua JELLE and simply™ Hybrid JELLE offer the same great cushion and slip, with limited and natural ingredients. Pain or discomfort during anal sex is a sign of microtears and potential damage to your body, so our lubes never contain any numbing agents. They also pair perfectly with our Resident Sex Educator jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Anal.

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