Our Favorite Sex Positions in the Heat

Summer sex is great, but not everyone loves sweaty sex! Check out these 5 awesome positions & sexy scenarios for when it’s hot outside but you’re still in the mood to get it on. 


  • The pretzel (perfect for doing on a cold tile or bathroom floor!)
    • How to do it:  Lay on your left side and have your partner straddle your left leg as you wrap your right leg around their waist. 
  • A quickie against the fridge (open the freezer door for two mins tops to save energy)
    • How to do it: Bend at the waist with your hands against the refrigerator door while your partner enters from behind. 
  • Reverse cowgirl (a twist on a classic)
    • How to do it: Have one person sit on the floor with their legs out while the partner straddles facing the same direction. 
  • The simple stand (yep, just like it sounds!)
    • How to do it: Doggy-style, but have both people standing (bending your knees is 100% ok)
  • The Spread Eagle (best if performed on a bed with pillows for support)
    • How to do it: Lay on the bed so your stomach is against the mattress/pillows while your feet are on the floor. Have your partner stand behind you and lift your legs while thrusting. 

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