Why Sexual Health Matters

Why Sexual Health Matters

September is Sexual Health Awareness Month and National Prostate Health Month, and a great time to remember that health is a full-body and mind affair. Prioritizing and discovering personal pleasure is just as important to sexual health as medical testing, and Wicked Sensual Care lubes can help with that. From knowing what’s in your lube, to using lube to become familiar with the health of your prostate, this handy guide will walk you through the important role lube plays in our sexual health! 

What is Sexual Health

Sexual wellness is a combination of mental, emotional, physical, and social health. Using protection against STIs and staying up-to-date on all recommended health screenings are important, but it’s equally integral to pay attention to your pleasure and overall well-being. 

According to experts, sexual health includes “the ability to understand the benefits, risks, and responsibilities of sexual behavior; the prevention and care of disease and other adverse outcomes; and the possibility of fulfilling sexual relationships.” Discovering what brings you pleasure and selecting the right lube to enhance your pleasure are both crucial for balanced sexual health. 

The Role of Lube in Sexual Health

Lube plays a vital role in sexual health and personal pleasure, which should always go hand-in-hand. Using the right lube can not only enhance sensations and pleasure during intimate experiences, but can even help improve sexual health through it’s anti-microbial ingredients. Wicked Sensual Care is the best lube company to choose with sexual health in mind.

Why Using Lube is Important

It’s 2022 and lube is in. Wicked Sensual Care lubricants are formulated with body-safe ingredients intended to enhance pleasure and contribute to overall sexual health. Using lube during any intimate experience decreases friction, which helps prevent microtears to the skin. Micro-tears can introduce harmful bacteria into your bloodstream, which means using the right lube (in addition to other forms of protection) should be part of your overall health and wellness regimen. 

Choosing The Right Lube Ingredients

Choosing a lube with the right ingredients can also help contribute to your overall sexual wellness. Wicked Sensual Care’s water-based, hybrid, and silicone lubes all contain high-quality and body safe ingredients that are safe for internal or external use. Our simply™ line features biostatic olive leaf, and is also glycerin and propylene glycol-free. 

September Is Prostate Health Month

If Sexual Health Awareness Month wasn’t enough reason to celebrate and stock up on lube, September is also National Prostate Health Month. If you have a prostate, we want you to pay attention to its health and happiness! While you will want to schedule regular screenings for prostate cancer, also give your prostate a little love through things like self-massage. 

Embrace Your Prostate

The prostate is a gland located inside the groin between the penis and the anus. It supplies part of the seminal fluid that mixes with sperm from the testes during ejaculation. Regular prostate massage has been shown to reduce risk of prostatitis and some cancers, and regular self-checks can alert you to early indicators of issues. This little gland also happens to be an erogenous zone. Whenever you explore this region, always make sure to use plenty of lube to increase pleasure and wellness. 

Best Prostate Toy Lube

Exploring your prostate with fingers and Jelle anal lubricant are great to start, but when you’re ready, we suggest utilizing the Helix Syn Trident Prostate Toy to explore more. 


Happy Sexual Health Awareness and National Prostate Health Month!

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