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Why are some Wicked Sensual Care collections glycerin-free, and is lube containing glycerin safe to use? 

Glycerin, which is sometimes known as Glycerol, is in many of our everyday personal care products, but what is it? Do you want your intimate lubricant to be glycerin-free or not?

What is Glycerin

Glycerin is a thick, sweet-tasting, colorless liquid. It’s a natural humectant, which means it absorbs water from the air. It draws in moisture, helping to seal in softness. This makes it extremely useful in beauty and healthcare products (such as lotions and shampoos). Glycerin also gives certain products their slippery smooth texture and feel.

Glycerin’s Benefits

This slippery texture makes glycerin the perfect ingredient for many personal lubricants! And nowadays, since glycerin can be extracted easily from plants, savvy consumers can demand pure, cruelty-free products. The Wicked Sensual Care products that do include glycerin contain only 100% plant-based derivatives, making them vegan and PETA-compliant.

Glycerin Lube Potential Risks

On a molecular level, glycerin is a sugar-based alcohol and when metabolized, through digestion, will eventually break down to glucose (a simple sugar). Because of this, there are some people who believe that glycerin in lube causes yeast infections. However, the vaginal canal is not connected to the digestive system so the glycerin never gets the chance to get broken down in order to feed the yeast cells that could potentially trigger an overabundance of vaginal yeast. 

What Wicked Sensual Care Products are Glycerin-free

That being said, glycerin still isn’t perfect for everyone. If you or your partner experience sensitivities to it, glycerin free products may be a better choice. The Wicked Sensual Care Collection includes several products that are glycerin free: These are – hypo-allergenic Aqua Sensitive,  Hybrid, the Jellé collection, Toy Love collection, the entire  simply™ collection, and our silicone-based Ultra line are all 100% glycerin free. 

At Wicked Sensual Care, we’re proud to offer plenty of excellent options to provide you peace of mind with your lubricant choices.


About Wicked Sensual Care’s Water-Based Lubes


Wicked Sensual Care® AQUA products are like nothing you’ve ever felt before. All products in this collection are water-based and paraben free. The entire collection is so silky smooth, you’ll be surprised that it isn’t silicone. Clean-up is easy with any of our Aqua products, simply rinse with water and nothing is left behind except your afterglow. They are sensitive to your needs and encompass a unique blend of spa quality ingredients, enriched with Aloe & Vitamin E. Aqua water-based lubes absorb completely with no residue, and are designed to heighten sensation & intensify ecstasy. 


Aqua Heat is the best lubricant for those looking to heat things up, and Aqua Chill is the best lubricant to cool things down. Both lubricants are designed to enhance moisture, be gentle on the skin, and are safe to use with all toys. 


One of Wicked Sensual Care’s most popular water-based lubricants, Jelle, is ideal for anal play, as it contains no desensitizers and is highly concentrated, which means it’s able to stay put a long time while providing superior glide. 

Toy Love

Toy Love is great for fans of sex toys, as it has a super thick texture which enhances and conducts vibrations, while allowing the lubricant to stay on the toy, giving you full control over your lube placement.

Flavored Lubes

Twelve distinct flavored lubricants are available, for those who want a delicious way to enjoy oral pleasures. Wicked Sensual Care’s flavored lubes are water-based, completely edible and come in several tantalizing flavors: Candy Apple, Cinnamon Bun, Cherry, Sweet Peach, Mango, Birthday Cake, Blueberry Muffin, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon, Strawberry, Vanilla Bean, and Salted Caramel. Our flavors are from the finest ingredients for superior performance and lightly sweetened with stevia. Each product has been designed to be amazingly slick, extra long lasting and never sticky or tacky. 


Wicked Sensual Care’s simply™ line is a collection of water-based and hybrid lubricants that are also glycerin and propylene-glycol free. 

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