Women who haven’t tried using a lubricant before may be unaware of the benefits beyond addressing vaginal dryness – but a 2010 study conducted by researchers at Indiana University‘s Center for Sexual Health Promotion actually linked the use of lubricant to higher levels of sexual satisfaction and pleasure in women.

Warming Lube Benefits

For the study, 2,400 women were randomly assigned one type of lubricant and asked to assess their sexual experiences for two weeks. Regardless of the lubricant type, silicone or water-based, an overwhelming majority (70 percent) reported greater satisfaction during vaginal or anal intercourse. 

Our Resident Sex Educator, jessica drake, recommends incorporating a sensation lubrication such as Aqua Heat or Ultra Heat warming lube for enhanced pleasure benefits.

Over one-third of the women who used lubricant indicated they did so because it was fun.

Using Lube For Pleasure

Even Refinery 29 wrote about the greatness of lubrication – and included Wicked Sensual Care’s lubes on their list of amazing sex must-haves.

“[We’ve gathered five tried-and-tested tips, including unexpected flavors to the bedroom,] from our favorite sexperts and sex-havers to give your intimate activities an instant boost.”

Lube Tip: Where To Start

So where should a person start with lubricant selection? Wicked Sensual Care offers a wide variety of options to choose from. Water-based to silicone, flavored, warming and cooling sensations as well as lubes to address the specific needs of anal & toy play.

Blog site SluttyGirlProblems prefers The Wicked Aqua line of water-based lubes.

“Wicked Aqua’s texture is lightweight, silky, and the ideal point between thick and thin. While it is water-based and slightly runny, the consistency is thick enough to where it’s not too messy. And unlike many sweet lubes, it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. Rather, it absorbs into the area it’s applied, making for practically no clean up at all.”

So no matter your pleasure, Wicked Sensual Care has products that will enhance and satisfy your intimate moments and open up a whole new world of lube for you to love.

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