Spring has sprung

Spring Has Sprung –  jessica drake’s 5 Things To Do With a Penis

And apropos of nothing save for a vague correlation between Spring and erections, I’d like to take an opportunity to share my top 5 things to do with a penis. 

5 Things To Do With a Penis


  1. Turn a handjob into a hand adventure with Creme, our indulgent oil based stroking cream.
    Enjoy the way it gives you just the right amount of glide without being too oily. Experiment with a small amount first so you get a fair amount of friction, and then add more as you go. Pro tip: if your partner is a lover of feet, try a foot job. Lean back in front of them and take your stroking game to a whole new level- plus, you’ll end up with the softest soles ever. You’re welcome!

  2. Try some light bondage.
    Tie* stockings or a scarf around the shaft and use that to guide the penis anywhere you’d like. You can also experiment with a cock ring, meant to go around the shaft and testicles. This keeps the penis engorged, hard, and adds sensitivity. When selecting a cock ring for the first time, choose a stretchy one that can be easily removed. * tie loosely. No double knots or anything that would require scissors, please.
  3. Practice edging for stamina (or kink!)
    Edging is masturbating yourself or a partner right to the point of no return, stopping, and then repeating the process. This practice, over time, can lead to a longer lasting sex session- and speaking of OverTime, our delay cream is the perfect edging accessory.
  4. Create your own dessert buffet.
    No matter your flavor preference, we have just the thing for your tastebuds. Sweetened with Stevia, our flavors will make your mouth water for more. My personal favorites are Sweet Peach, Salted Caramel, Mango, Vanilla Bean and Pink Lemonade- and I encourage you to mix and match to find your own unique recipe. Bon Appetit indeed.
  5. Change the temperature and texture.
    Experiment with one of our sensation lubes – Aqua Heat or Chill for water based, or Ultra Heat or Chill for a silicone. Ask for permission to experiment, and then choose one and see how long it takes them to identify heat vs chill! Maybe you’d also like to add a stroker- we love a Fleshlight (ok, MINE) or a Tenga Egg. This offers a completely unique experience each time you play.


I’d like to add- much of what I’ve mentioned doesn’t require penetration, and orgasm doesn’t always have to be the end goal. Play with your partner and experiment with different things that bring them penis pleasure and encourage them to communicate what they love and what they’d love to do differently. 




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jessica drake

At Wicked Sensual Care, we're proud to collaborate with jessica drake, an icon in adult entertainment and a passionate advocate for sexual wellness. She's not just a celebrated performer but a dedicated educator who brings a wealth of experience to her role as our brand ambassador. She is SFSI Certified, a member of AASECT, and has been awarded Sexpert of The Year multiple times by XBIZ. jessica's commitment to promoting healthy, enjoyable, and informed sexual experiences aligns perfectly with Wicked Sensual Care’s values. Her workshops and advocacy work go beyond entertainment, offering valuable insights into sexual health and empowerment. jessica's vibrant personality and extensive knowledge make her an invaluable part of the Wicked Sensual Care family.