Spring into pleasure

This month I’d like to share with you 5 of my favorite things to do for a clit. These may be great starting points for you to try on yourself, or maybe you’d like to suggest them to your partner. The only goal here is to explore and have fun, as we show our appreciation for an often overlooked part of the body that exists solely for pleasure.

5 Things To Do With A Clit

  1. Get acquainted!

    The clitoris is so much more than meets the eye. Also involved is the erectile structure, which includes the crura, or “legs” of the clit. These can be explored in between your inner and outer labia. Pay attention to the entire area and notice the engorgement as blood flow increases, in turn, heightening sensitivity. Use our Awaken Clitoral Massage Gel on all of these areas- and the glans itself- as you explore.

  2. Find your preferred pressure.

    It’s tough to communicate to a partner what you love if you haven’t quite figured it out yourself. Masturbating manually, try rubbing in circles, side to side, lightly flicking. Stimulate your clit by holding your labia together and moving your fingers around. Gently pull back the hood and concentrate on the glans itself if it’s not too intense for you. Feel the difference between no lube and using simply Aqua for some slippery strokes.

  3. Use toys!

    There are so many different clitoral stimulating toys on the market today, ranging from small and discreet to a bigger vibe that packs a big buzz and everything in between. I love everything Le Wand, and one of my personal favorites is the Le Wand Deux https://www.lewandmassager.com/mini-vibes/le-wand-deux.html for its small yet mighty powers and its easy to use USB charger. You may have noticed that suction toys are all the rage right now, and I’d love to give thanks for Womanizer, the one that paved the way.  https://guidetowickedsex.empirestores.co/2591034/womanizer-liberty-6-function-rechargeable-sensual-stimulator-powder-blue-sex-toys.html I don’t love the name, but I do adore the amazing sensations, and it allowed me to experience orgasms faster and more intensely than (almost) ever before. 

  4. Don’t use toys.

    Try a completely different approach. Take it old school. Hump pillows, use the water in the bathtub or the handheld shower attachment. Get creative- maybe you’re grinding on the washer while you’re doing laundry. We won’t judge. If it feels good, do it.

  5. Try sensations.

    During masturbation, try Toy Fever warming) or Toy Breeze (cooling) for a different kind of adventure. Both water based and super thick, they give you an amazing cushion that’s great for your fingers, hands OR to use with a vibe. You can also keep the bottles in the fridge for some extra temperature play. Toy Breeze will be colder, while Toy Fever will go on cold and heat up the longer you play. 

Take your time, enjoy, and remember the lube! We’re happy to be a part of your pleasure.




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