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Why jessica drake Loves Silicone Lube

Well… Summer is here.

It seems like every time I’m ready to write a new letter to y’all, something happens. So much so that it’s not just things “happening”, it’s that the shit storm is ongoing.

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of feelings right now. I’m angry, I’m scared, I’m tired…and I’m also determined, in a hard to explain way, to commit to continuing to fight the good fight by any means necessary. I feel like I want to do all the things- and we deserve that. I want to rage and protest in the streets,I want to help others, I want to take care of myself the best I can, and I want to also keep providing folks with information about sexual health and wellness, and emphasizing that during all this, we still deserve pleasure.

In that spirit, here goes:

I am ALWAYS asked about my lube preferences. This started when I was still making movies- and I was going through it by the gallon. After MUCH trial and error, I found that I am a silicone person… and this was way before Wicked Sensual Care was started. I had a few brands I liked, but once we were established and created Ultra (and Ultra Heat and Chill) They became my nightstand staples.

Why I Love Ultra Silicone Lube

I love using Ultra because of it’s staying power. It just lasts and lasts. It’s great for anal, it’s compatible with latex. (Did I mention it lasts a LONG time?) If I’m having sex in the shower, it’s great. Hot tub sex would be impossible to pull off without it.

If you’re using condoms for penetrative sex, try adding a few drops of Ultra or Ultra Heat in the reservoir tip before putting the condom on for added slip (the good kind!) and/or sensation.

Ultra may not be good for some silicone toys, but it sure can be a great choice of lube for metal and glass toys- and what a coincidence- these are also great with Ultra Heat or Chill for added sensation play.


Ultra has been my go-to lube for so long, l I’ve found a lot of other uses for it too, like:

  • A great anti-frizz serum for my hair
  • Massage
  • Make up primer (use just a LITTLE!)
  • Lubing my squeaky chair at work
  • Enhancing the look of my tattoos
  • Last minute shoe polish
  • Making my latex outfits SHINE
  • Preventing blisters in my shoes in an emergency
  • Avoiding chafing in places that rub when I run or workout

I’m sure you’ll find your very own Ultra hacks – feel free to share them with us!

Love + Lube,


jessica drake sex educator

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