3 Ways to Use Lube This Valentines Day

3 Ways to use Lube on Valentine’s Day

  1. “Cook” up a new dessert flavor

Solo? Set the hottest table-for-one tonight and try out a new combination of our flavors. Need inspiration? Check out our Twitter feed for sweet recipes like Cherry Cobbler, Birthday Cake Milkshake, and more. Dining with a partner or partners this evening? Try blindfolding each other and take turns tasting and guessing the combos you came up with.  

2. Go on a shopping spree 

There’s something super sexy about shopping for new lube — and it’s a great way to spice up your sex life. Whether you’re just learning about what lubes you like or already have an array, looking at the variety of lubes in our collection can create an encouraging space to treat yourself or communicate your needs and desires with a partner. 

3. Sensual massage

Prepare for a sensual massage with Wicked Sensual Care sensual massage cream. The sensual massage cream feels amazing and, as you massage, body heat transforms it into a perfectly-smooth liquid that is never greasy or sticky. Try some on yourself or your partner(s) with long, slow strokes for a tactile and sensual treat. 


Most importantly of all, let loose and do what feels good for you this Valentine’s Day. Having fun and feeling sexy is what it’s all about!

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