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It seems like the seasons are changing so fast. September is here again, and even though we aren’t still in the throes of the pandemic, it’s still here, and having a massive impact on all of our lives. We’ve seen all schools go virtual during these times, all the way from grade school to universities. We’ve all seen (or experienced!) SO MANY online cringe moments- a non-muted mic, an accidentally opened camera, pets and kids wandering into the background, being dressed professionally from the waist up, pajamas down below, and we Just. Kept. Going. 


One big benefit of the pivot to virtual classrooms is the level of tech we’ve achieved. I’ve done virtual events in retail spaces, spoken at universities from home, I’ve even gone to workshops and conferences and not had to travel. Not having to jump on planes and/or drive all over has opened up possibilities that my schedule wouldn’t have allowed otherwise.


All this to say that during the Back to School season, maybe you’d like to take advantage of these virtual spaces to brush up on your Sex Ed, or dive into topics you’re curious about. Check out the websites and social media of your favorite adult retailers in your area to see if they have classes. Many of your favorite adult educators may also be doing webinars or IG Lives chock full of info to stimulate your brain and many other areas too. 


For starters, here are 10 awesome educators to check out:


Goody Howard (IG- @askgoody)

Elle Chase (IG- @theellechase)

Jet Setting Jasmine (IG- @jetsetjasmine)

Andrew Gurza (IG- @andrewgurza_)

Carly S. (IG- @makeupandsin)

Honestly Nae (IG- @honestlynae)

Joan Price (IG- @thejoanprice)

Dirty Lola (IG- @dirtylola)

Anne Hodder-Ship (IG- @theannehodder)

Jimanekia Eborn (IG- @jimanekia)


Take your sexuality back to school and get an advanced degree in self-awareness and pleasure!





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