Love is in the air… or is it Covid?

hi friends.

love is in the air…or is it Covid?!?

As we approach the one year mark of the pandemic, (I won’t be calling it an anniversary) Valentine’s Day is coming soon. 

Some folks see it as an over commercialized holiday, some are really into it, and others (like me) fall somewhere in between. No matter where you are on that scale, one thing we can all agree on is that more love is always better.  


“What the world needs now

Is love sweet love

It’s the only thing

That there’s just too little of…”

-What the World Needs Now Is Love

by Jackie DeShannon


There are so many different kinds of love- from the love we have for friends and family, to the love we have for ourselves, to the love we have for another. If we’re partnered, it could be the adrenaline rush of a brand new love. Maybe it’s a playful and romantic love. We can feel an endearing, affectionate love, and a familiar, enduring love. It can be a combination of different types of love. It’s certainly not linear either, during relationships our love is fluid in its stages, and maybe your own love and all its intricacies is just too complicated to describe. 


Let’s celebrate it. 


Let’s celebrate every bit of love in our lives right now and spread it (safely and socially distanced) to others every way we can. On Valentine’s Day and any and every day. 


Ways to Celebrate and Love Yourself 

  • take a day off from your regular routine and do something you love that feels good for YOU. only you know what that thing is. 
  • think outside the box and try a WSC lube or enhancer you wouldn’t normally choose. try sensations. taste flavors. go another route and discover something else you love. 
  • take a quiet moment and check in with your body. with your hand on your heart, notice your breathing. say “I love you” out loud to yourself. breathe. feel your heartbeat. that’s your power. 
  • choose your current 3 favorite parts of your body and touch and love them. these don’t have to be erogenous zones. you can spend time in a warm bath finding them, or in front of a mirror. 
  • seduce yourself. foreplay absolutely works solo. watch porn, read erotica, edge yourself and long for that sweet release. when you just can’t take it anymore, lube up and spoil yourself with as many orgasms as you can take. 


Ways to Celebrate and Love a Partner

  • Spend an entire day and/or night together on a bed or couch. Order in food, have snacks and drinks on hand, while you talk, watch movies, play games or get naked on “Bed Island” (discuss phone use beforehand so you’re both on the same page) Remember- except for bathroom breaks, the floor is lava!
  • Treat them to a full service massage or body worship session. Start by setting aside a pre-determined time to not be disturbed. Get them comfortable. Breathe in sync. Treat them to an erotic massage with Creme, and allow them to experience uninterrupted pleasure on their terms. Should they choose to reciprocate, that’s up to you. 
  • Tell them you love them, and also tell them what you love about them. Saying these things out loud can be music to our partner’s ears. In daily life, these may be things we think but leave unsaid. Life is short. Say the things. 
  • Over dinner and drinks, trade fantasies. Ask them the top 3 things that turns them on. Ask them for 3 things they’d love to try with you. “spicing it up” might feel a little awkward at first- we can feel vulnerable divulging what we really want. if we don’t get it, rejection can hurt, but if we do get it? you’re welcome. 
  • Ask them. We usually give love and support to people the way we want to receive it ourselves. read that again. The very best way to celebrate and love a partner is to ask them how they’d like to be celebrated and loved. 


Be my Wicked Valentine on February 14th, and let’s use that day and all the days that follow to infuse a little more love into everything we do. 




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