Masturbation May & Temperature Play

May is Masturbation Month


Celebrate Masturbation Month by getting a little handsy with yourself! We suggest ditching the toys for a session and reaching for one of our warming or cooling lubes for extra sensation and a little something different when it comes to exploring yourself. With three different viscosity levels in our collection, there is a Wicked Sensual Care warming or cooling lube perfect for any personal preference! 

How To Celebrate Masturbation May

If you are someone who always uses toys when masturbating, ditching them for a session can be a fun way to mix things up! Feeling your body with your fingers can be an extremely sensual experience, especially if you use a warming or cooling lube. Our Aqua, Ultra, and Jelle warming or cooling lubes offer a variety of viscosities to pick from. Each one is great for external or internal use, too. 

Aqua Chill or Aqua Heat Sensation Lube


Our Aqua Chill or Aqua Heat water-based lubes are the perfect place to start for a sensory experience. The gentle plant-based warming or cooling agents in these lubes create just the right amount of sensation, and are easy to clean up after. 

Ultra Chill or Ultra Heat


Silicone-based lube like Ultra Chill or Ultra Heat is perfect for manual masturbation, due to its unmatched slip and silkiness. Since it doesn’t soak into the skin, it creates a sensation that lasts as long as you do! 


Jelle Chill or Jelle Heat


This cushiony and ultra-thick water-based lube is perfect for anal masturbation. It’s also great for anyone who wants a water-based lube that stays put on any part of the body. Even if your play session isn’t focused on anal masturbation, try inserting a few drops of Jelle Chill or Jelle Heat before stimulating other parts for a spine-tingling sensory boost! 


One last tip from us: if your hands get tired, dab a few drops of Jelle Chill or Heat onto a wand like the new Magic Wand® Mini


If you’ve never tried our warming or cooling lube, give our botanical blends a try this month! 

Happy masturbating!

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