Masturbation & Mental Health

Think back to the first time you discovered masturbation.



That feeling of sheer pleasure and delight as you found something downright magical that your body can do just for fun. Think back to the frequency and intensity.   Now think about your masturbatory habits today. Are you still exploring your body with the frenzy and energy you were before? That’s what I’m wishing for you during Masturbation May.



Some are taking part in a Masturbation Challenge *raises hand* where folks are masturbating once a day for the entire month of May. If you’re thinking, “that sounds like A LOT!” or “Who has the time for that?!” Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. But consider the benefits of masturbation: improved sleep, better mood, a boost in your immune system, a stronger pelvic floor, more confidence during partnered sex, and it can even reduce the risk of prostate cancer. With those benefits, I couldn’t really say no.



Studies have shown that masturbation can also improve your mental health as well, and perhaps it’s a happy accident, but May is also Mental Health Month.



Join me in the Masturbation Challenge, and if a month seems too long, try it for a week. Try it with hands and fingers, try it with toys. Use lube even if you’re solely using external stimulation. Try a thick sensation lube like Toy Fever and enhance the sensations while you help your body release all those feel good chemicals in your brain.



Are you in?

Follow us on social media and message us I’M IN! to receive some hand picked WSC lube for your Masturbation May adventure- and tell a friend! Sharing is truly caring.




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See you next month!




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