Sexy Recipes With Flavored Lube

Sexy Recipes With Flavored Lube


Flavored lubes are great for more than just oral sex. These sexy recipes use Wicked Sensual Care’s water-based flavored lubricants in unique ways you’ve probably never thought of before. Try incorporating these fun and sexy ideas into your next date night or solo evening in. With twelve different flavors to choose from, the combinations and possibilities are endless! 

Pair With A Cheese Plate

Our fruity-flavored lubes are perfect for pairing with your favorite cheeses. Have a delectable charcuterie board all to yourself, or invite a partner over for a fun flavor experience. Drizzle a lube flavor over the top of a slice of cheese just like you would with jam. If you’re with a partner, take turns dabbing a couple of drops of lube onto your finger and feeding your partner after each bite. Try some of our favorite flavor combos:


Drizzle On Fresh Fruit

Take your favorite healthy fruit bowl up a notch by drizzling some flavored lube on top! Now that’s our kind of fruit salad. Our lubes are sweetened with stevia, which means they’re great as toppings for healthier snacks like fresh fruit, yogurt, and more. We highly recommend some of these tasty flavor combos: 


Turn Your Partner Into Dessert

If you’re dining with a partner for the evening, try turning them into dessert with flavored lube combinations. Whip up a tasty dessert with nothing but lube and your partner’s erogenous zone of their choosing. Try out some of these combos and follow us on Twitter for our full collection of flavored lube combination recipes! 

Incorporating flavored lube into recipes is a playful way to blend the culinary with the erotic. It’s about experimenting with tastes and textures, creating dishes that tantalize both the palate and the senses, adding a unique twist to any experience.

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