Sexy Holiday Gifts

Sexy Holiday Gifts

Sexy holiday presents are the gifts that keep on giving. Wicked Sensual Care lubes are the perfect gift idea for your partner, favorite SWer, friend-with-benefits, hookup, or situationship. They’re even great for solo sessions ;). These are some of our top sexy gift recommendations to get you going.                 

Sexy Gift For Your Spouse or Partner

Sensual gifts for your spouse or partner are a hit every year. Lube is necessary for most types of play, so why not give them a gift that’s fun and practical for both of you? simply™ Aqua is a vegan, paraben-free, propylene glycol-free, and glycerin-free water-based lube that is long-lasting and gentle on skin. 


Bonus hot tip: Pleasure each other in the tub or shower with Ultra, a water-resistant silicone lubricant.

Holiday Gifts For Your Sub or Dom

The dom or sub in your life will love receiving a sexy gift that can be put to good use together. For your dom, we suggest presenting them with the Coffee House Teasers flavored lube variety pack. That way, they can choose which flavor you’re going to lick off them. If you’re the dom, toss a bottle of Aqua Heat warming lube into your cart. 

Can You Buy A Christmas Gift For Yourself?

You can absolutely buy yourself a Christmas gift, especially if that gift is lube! The holiday season is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new bottle of lube or enhancement product. simply™ Aqua Jelle is a thick, clean ingredient lube that’s great for anal, toys, masturbation, and everything in between. Combine that with Awaken stimulating clitoral massage gel or Overtime Delay Cream for the best Christmas gift ever. 

Choosing a sexy holiday gift is about more than just picking a product; it’s about considering the recipient’s desires and comfort levels. A well-chosen gift can add excitement and novelty to someone’s intimate life, making the holiday season even more special and memorable.

Happy Gifting!

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