we made it

we made it.

Friends, I don’t have to tell you how dismal 2020 was. I recently came across my “20 Things to do in 2020” list that I wrote around this time last year, and out of those 20 things, I may have done 3. What I did do, and what you did too, was survive. Some of us even thrived. So even if you didn’t get to cross items off a list, I’m sure you did much more than you realized. 


As we ring in the new year and kiss 2020 goodbye, (or punch it in the face) let’s give ourselves credit for being strong, resilient, and flexible. We’ve had to be creative, we’ve had to improvise, and we’ve shown ourselves we ARE stronger than we realize- and those are all things to celebrate. 


As we move into the new year with hope and optimism, I feel a sense of renewal. “New Year, New You” articles never resonated with me until now, when I find myself longing for a fresh slate to begin again. Join me for a year of trying new things and seeing things through a different lens- from the perspective of the past year. Let’s all make one small resolution or goal of being open to celebrate the smallest of successes every day. Let’s celebrate our bodies by gifting them pleasure. Let’s honor ourselves not based on what we accomplished, but because we are here and we deserve it. 


I wish you a truly happy New Year. here’s to surviving and thriving, with hopes for a better 2021. 





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jessica drake

At Wicked Sensual Care, we're proud to collaborate with jessica drake, an icon in adult entertainment and a passionate advocate for sexual wellness. She's not just a celebrated performer but a dedicated educator who brings a wealth of experience to her role as our brand ambassador. She is SFSI Certified, a member of AASECT, and has been awarded Sexpert of The Year multiple times by XBIZ. jessica's commitment to promoting healthy, enjoyable, and informed sexual experiences aligns perfectly with Wicked Sensual Care’s values. Her workshops and advocacy work go beyond entertainment, offering valuable insights into sexual health and empowerment. jessica's vibrant personality and extensive knowledge make her an invaluable part of the Wicked Sensual Care family.