Menopausal Survey of Pleasure Reveals Insightful Results

Wicked Sensual Care Releases Menopause Data From Over 1000 Respondents

Los Angeles, CA – (December 11, 2023) – Wicked Sensual Care has released the results of their recently conducted Menopausal Survey of Pleasure, which focuses on experiences during perimenopause, menopause, and beyond. This survey aimed to gain deeper insights into the sexual wellness needs of people during these significant life stages. With an emphasis on understanding and empowering sexuality throughout all stages of life, the findings offer a fascinating glimpse into the intimate lives of respondents.

Key highlights from the survey include:

  • A significant portion of the respondents, 65%, were over the age of 40, showcasing the diverse age range of individuals exploring their sexuality.
  • 2.2% of respondents identified as trans or non-binary, highlighting the survey’s reach across different gender identities.
  • 75% of people who responded noticed a change in their or their partner’s vaginal lubrication since entering menopause.
  • 50% of respondents experienced premature menopause, a critical insight that underscores the importance of tailored sexual wellness resources and products.
  • 85% of participants found that using lubricant enhanced their sexual pleasure during menopause, pointing to the effectiveness of such products in improving sexual experiences.

These results highlight the complexity and diversity of sexual experiences during menopause, emphasizing the need for products and resources that cater to this demographic. Wicked Sensual Care is committed to understanding and addressing the unique intimate needs of individuals during menopause and beyond, ensuring that their journey is both pleasurable and fulfilling.

For more information or to explore the simply® Timeless™ collection, designed with these findings in mind, please visit Wicked Sensual Care’s website. For inquiries or to request samples for editorial review, please contact

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