5 Tips For Sensual Massage

The term “skin hunger” refers to our biological hard-wired need for human contact. During the worst of the pandemic as we were isolated, many people became touch deprived, causing anxiety, depression, and an overall increase in stress. In the midst of these difficult times, Wicked Sensual Care was working on mindfully crafting a line that would be a conduit for reestablishing connection.

Sensual Massage Creams

The first products in the line are three different Sensual Massage Creams, all created individually with different intentions. These aren’t solely for couples- they can be used solo as well (as I do most every day!) Here are five tips to get you started with sensual massage.

Tips For Sensual Massage

1. Get your body and your mind ready.

Take a relaxing walk, have a hot shower or a bath and start to unwind. Create a space to allow yourself to decompress, and if you’re with a partner, here’s a space to begin to reconnect.

2. Set the mood.

You can create your own personal spa by choosing a (fairly!) uncluttered space with no distractions, and dimming the lights. Imagine appealing to all the senses- use soft sheets and blankets for a sensual tactile experience, candlelight to set the mood, or burn incense. To further set the tone, WSC created a special one hour Sensual Massage Playlist that you can find here.

3. Incorporating pillows or wedges.

Supporting different parts of you or your partner’s body can be great- especially if this massage leads to more. Changing angles and pressure can definitely change sensations. Some of my favorite wedges have come from https://www.liberator.com or you can try pillows of different sizes and firmness.

4. Choose your favorite massage cream.

stripped + bare is fragrance free, allowing for a natural connection. orange blossom + patchouli is a sultry, seductive blend, while sage + sea salt is rejuvenating and invigorating. After you’ve set your scent intention, before you begin to apply the cream, rub it in the palms of your hands to warm it up.

5. This is where the magic truly happens.

Don’t worry that you’re not a trained masseuse. Begin with long, slow strokes on your partner’s back. Ask if they would like a harder or softer touch. Pay attention to their body language and listen for cues. Ask them where they’d most like to be touched. Experiment with using the palms of your hands, your knuckles, or your thumbs as you begin to relax and soothe them. If you are solo here, consciously acknowledge this is a massage, and not just an application of a nourishing cream. Check in with your body for sore spots and tension, and touch and caress yourself accordingly.
Skin hunger is real. Satisfy your craving for touch and enjoy these moments of connection and pleasure with yourself or a partner.
jessica drake sex educator

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