Sensual Gratitude with jessica drake

When November began, I started up an old tradition of 30 Days of Gratitude. I quickly realized pleasure is on my list, and it takes many forms, including sensual gratitude.

I love when the seasons change and I feel the first hints of crisp fall autumn on my skin. I love the foods that come with Fall, they warm me up from the inside. I enjoy laying in front of a raging fire. All of these feelings come from deep within my body, and I’ve come to realize that I experience sexual pleasures unique to this time of year that I’m exceptionally grateful for.

What is Sensual Gratitude?

For me, the practice of mindfulness has enhanced pleasure to the point that sex often becomes like meditation for me. That’s not to say it’s relaxing or slow- quite the opposite- but good, connected, mindful sex leaves me acutely aware of sensations and less aware of stress, distractions, or time. Engaging in deliberate sensation play enhances this.

If you’re new to the term, sensation play engages any or all of the senses to enhance your sexual experience. Here are a few examples:

  • Playing music or having ambient sounds to set the mood
  • Using dim lighting or candlelight to set the mood or using a blindfold to enhance other senses
  • Eating erotic foods or feeding them to a partner
  • Lighting fragrant candles, using incense or essential oils in a diffuser
  • Experimenting with different tactile sensations, like erotic massage, gentle scratching, biting, tickling with a feather, even spanking or other impact play
  • Using sensation lubes and enhancers, like Ultra Heat and Ultra Chill, Awaken, or Creme

awaken clitoral gel

Make a list of 10 things you are sensually thankful for and see how it impacts your gratitude.





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