jessica drake’s Tips for Masturbation May

jessica drake masturbation may

It’s Masturbation May! As someone deeply passionate about sexual wellness and empowerment, I’m super excited to dive into one of my fave personal subjects: the art of self-love and the pure joy of masturbation. This month isn’t just a celebration of solo play; it’s a perfect time to get in touch with your body and…

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Heat Up Summer With Warming Lubes

warming lube tips

  This summer is going to be a hot one, so why not make it even hotter? Wicked Sensual Care’s personal warming lubes are the perfect way to heat things up this season. No matter what kind of play you’re indulging in, we’ve got you covered. Aqua Heat, Ultra Heat, Toy Fever, and Jelle Heat…

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Toys to celebrate

women's history month

celebrate women’s history month with sex toys   March is Women’s History Month, which commemorates and encourages the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. We resonate with the message of Women’s History Month, as it’s part of our company values to empower and educate all women and femme-identifying…

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Love Your Toys

You love your sex toys, but do your toys know that you love them? Show your toy the love and gratitude it deserves by gifting it one, or all three of the products in our Toy Collection!   Your toy will love you like never before and you will reap all the pleasurable benefits. These…

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