Skin hunger is real.

Satisfy your craving for touch with Wicked Sensual Care sensual massage creams.

Sensual Massage Creams

Explore fulfilling sensual massage with superior formulas that also benefit the skin in a real way with each use.

stripped + bare = This fragrance free formula is for those with scent sensitivities who want to create raw moments of connection. 

sage + sea salt - This essential oil and fragrance blend provides a relaxing, grounding, yet rejuvenating experience that promotes energetic partnership.

The Perfect Gift

Wicked Sensual Care massage products make the perfect gift for sensual massage with a partner, or as a quality lotion to gift a friend.

Finely crafted combinations of the best sweet almond and coconut oils, moisture rich shea and cocoa butters, essential oils, select fragrances, vitamins A & E,  and electrolytes make these formulas truly the best in sensual massage and body care. 

Massage Products

Wicked Sensual Care massage products are perfect for when your body craves touch. Skin hunger is real.

Satisfy your craving for touch with Stripped + Bare, Orange Blossom + Patchouli, and Sage + Sea Salt sensual massage creams.

orange blossom + patchouli = This essential oil and fragrance blend provides a sultry and sensual relaxation experience that promotes a sense of calm and closeness.

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