Sensual Tips for Long Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships can be tough, but with some creativity and effort, you can keep the intimacy alive. Whether you’re separated by miles, live across town from each other, or just have a busy schedule, these tips can help you stay connected and maintain that spark. Let's explore various ways to create a sense of intimacy and closeness in a long-distance relationship, along with taking care of your own self-pleasure and masturbation.

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    sensual massage1. Sensual Self-Massages on Video

    A great way to maintain intimacy over distance is through sensual adult massage while on a video call with each other. A sexy self massage on video can help couples feel like they’re in the same room. Using sensual massage lotion, partners can guide each other through a relaxing, intimate experience.

    Our sensual massage creams are designed for external use only, but our lubes are great for internal use when the massage starts to heat up a bit. simply® Aqua lube is a versatile product that feels amazing on the skin and enhances every touch. If you have sensitive skin, Aqua Sensitive lubricant is a great choice. 

    Sex Educator jessica drake’s Tips for Sensual Self-Massage:

    • Get Your Body and Mind Ready: Take a relaxing walk, have a hot shower or a bath to start unwinding.
    • Set the Mood: Create a personal spa with soft sheets, candlelight, or incense. Play a calming playlist.
    • Use Pillows or Wedges: Support different parts of your body to enhance comfort and sensation.
    • Choose Your Favorite Massage Cream: Options like stripped + bare or orange blossom + patchouli set the right tone.
    • Experiment with Touch: Use the palms of your hands, knuckles, or thumbs. Adjust pressure based on preference.

    2. Using Flavored Lubes for Extra Sensory Fun

    Another fun way to stay connected is by using flavored lubes during intimate sessions over the phone or FaceTime. We suggest sending your partner a package from Wicked Sensual Care with a few flavors you know they’ll love, and having a tasting session together. Mango lube, peach lube, or even birthday cake lube can make things exciting and delicious. Strawberry lubricant is a favorite for adding a sweet twist to any session.

    Flavored lubricants, like those from Wicked Sensual Care, are fantastic for spicing up phone or video calls. They’re not only delicious but also safe, as they are sweetened with stevia and free from glycerin. In her Top 5 Flavored Lube Tips article jessica drake suggests, "Mix and match our flavors to create a unique, succulent treat."

    3. Using Warming Lubes to Feel Closer

    When physical distance becomes tough, warming lubes can help simulate the feeling of a partner being right there. Aqua Heat provides a warming sensation that mimics a partner’s touch, so it’s perfect for those moments when closeness is craved. Warming lubricants like silicone-based Ultra Heat or water-based Aqua Heat can transform solo or long-distance sessions into intimate experiences that feel incredibly real. 

    Tips for Using Warming Lubes:

    • Try Different Products: Use Aqua Heat for a warming sensation or Ultra Lube for a smooth experience.
    • Combine with Other Sensations: Pair with sensual massage or flavored lubes for a multi-sensory experience.
    • Adjust Amount: Use a small amount first and add more as needed to control the intensity.

    anal lube4. Incorporate Anal Play

    For those who enjoy anal sex when together, it’s another fun thing you can do on video with each other. If you’re new to anal play, it can be an excited new avenue to pleasure for you to explore while apart from your partner. Masturbating anally can be a safe and satisfying way to stay connected to one's desires and each other. 

    One of Sex Educator jessica drake’s top tips for anal is to never go in dry! Using the best anal lube is essential for comfort and safety. Jelle anal lubricant from Wicked Sensual Care is thick, smooth, and perfect for anal play. Hybrid lube can also be used to keep the glide comfortable, and is safe to use with any toy material.

    Speaking of sex toys, keeping your toys clean is crucial. Antibacterial sex toy cleaner ensures toys are safe and ready for use. Always wash your toys before and after use.

    Tips for Anal Masturbation:

    • Use Quality Lubes: Jelle anal lubricant is perfect for anal play due to its thickness and smoothness.
    • Keep Toys Clean: Always use antibacterial sex toy cleaners to maintain hygiene.
    • Experiment with Different Lubes: Try hybrid lube or other anal-specific lubricants for the best experience.

    Bonus Tips For Long Distance Intimacy

    Creating intimacy in a long-distance relationship requires creativity and effort. Here are some additional tips to help couples stay connected:

    1. Regular Communication: Make it a habit to check in with each other daily. Share thoughts, feelings, and even mundane details of your day. It helps maintain a sense of normalcy and connection.
    2. Surprise Packages: Send each other surprise gifts or care packages. It could be something as simple as a handwritten letter, a favorite snack, or a new lube from Wicked Sensual Care.
    3. Plan Visits: Whenever possible, plan visits to look forward to. Having a countdown to when you’ll see each other again can make the distance more bearable.
    4. Virtual Dates: Schedule regular virtual dates. Watch a movie together, play online games, or have a dinner date over video call. It keeps the relationship fun and engaging.
    5. Self-Care and Masturbation: Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Masturbation is a fantastic way to understand your body and maintain your sexual health. Our Resident Sex Educator jessica drake recommends regular self-pleasure to improve your sleep, boost your mood, and even enhance your immune system. Use products like Wicked Sensual Care’s lubricants to enhance solo sessions and discover new levels of pleasure.

    Long Distance Relationship Tips

    Long-distance relationships can be challenging, but with creativity and effort, intimacy and closeness can be maintained. From sensual self-massages to using flavored and warming lubes, these tips can help couples feel closer, no matter the distance. Embrace the journey, explore new sensations, and always prioritize sexual wellness. 

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