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The Anal Collection

Wicked Sensual Care’s anal collection features Jelle, a water-based lubricant designed specifically for anal use.

Jelle 4 oz Jelle anal Wicked Sensual Care lube

Lube for Anal

Jelle Anal Lube 4oz/8oz

Jelle features a super thick viscosity in a glycerin free formula, which is never sticky or tacky and provides the right amount of ‘cushion’ for an extremely pleasurable experience.

Jelle Plus

Introducing Jelle Plus, a safer alternative to using numbing agents for anal play.


Lube is necessary for anal play- our bodies don’t self lubricate there. At Wicked Sensual Care, we know numbing agents can be dangerous - pain is a signal from our body saying there’s something wrong, that we need to stop or to slow down. 


We created Jelle Plus with natural relaxants and other beneficial ingredients to give you safer options for anal play.


Inspired by our best selling Anal Jelle, Jelle Plus has its own unique formula featuring:


  •  clove oil and jojoba as natural relaxants 
  •  arnica, aloe, juniper, and vitamin E to soothe
  •  our signature olive leaf extract for extra protection

Jelle Chill and Jelle Heat Sensation LubeWicked Sensual Care lube anal tingling

It is important to note Jelle, Jelle Chill, and Jelle Heat do not contain desensitizers.

Jelle Heat Wicked Sensual Care lube






This is essential for safe and pleasurable anal play.

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