5 Common Lube Myths Debunked

These 5 lube myths are still so common! See them debunked by Resident Sex Educator jessica drake.

  1. Lube is for people with “problems”

    NOPE. Lube is made to enhance your sexual experiences, decrease friction, and increase pleasure.

  2. If my partner isn’t wet enough, I’m doing something wrong.

    Not at all. People can experience vaginal dryness for a multitude of reasons- stress, medication, menopause, fluctuating hormones at different times of the month are just a few reasons they may not be soaking wet- and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean they’re not aroused.

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  3. I don’t need lube, I can use spit/butter/conditioner/random oil/etc.

    I hear this a LOT. Lube is specifically made with sex in mind. Spit can harbor some pretty bad bacteria. Oil is proven to promote bacterial growth, and any other household items just shouldn’t be used on your intimate areas. Wicked Sensual Care has a wide range of every type of lube so that you can make the decision that’s best for your body.

  4. But no one in porn uses lube!

    Sure we do. Ultra is my on-camera go-to! It’s just not very often that you see it- but that’s the magic of movie editing- and remember: Porn is fantasy. You’re seeing a final polished product, not the behind the scenes action.

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  5. Only old people need lube.

    See #1. Also, while it’s true that as we get older, our sexual needs and expectations can change as our bodies do, so our lube needs may change or increase. However, it’s not only seniors who get to have all the fun experimenting with lube. It’s truly for every BODY!

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