jessica drake’s Top 5 Flavored Lube Tips

Five Ways to Use Wicked Sensual Care Flavored Lubes


One of the things Wicked Sensual Care is known for is an incredible collection of flavored water based lubes. If you haven’t tried ours yet, forget every bad experience you’ve had with flavored lubes in the past. These aren’t sticky, they’re not tacky, and they’re sweetened with stevia, which makes them safe for all types of play. Wicked Sensual Care’s flavors are meant to increase excitement and encourage playfulness between you and your partner(s). Here are some tips to get you started on your date with flavor!

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Flavored Lube Tips



1. Use flavored lube anywhere

Our flavors aren’t only for oral sex. Although they do promote saliva production, which is great for blow jobs and cunnilingus, they can be used anywhere on the body that you want kisses and licks! Talk to your partner and identify their erogenous zones, then turn them into a dessert buffet- or be the buffet.

2. Create your own dessert-inspired combo

Mix and match our flavors to create a unique, succulent treat. Vanilla Bean blends with every flavor in our line for a creamy decadence. Cinnamon Bun can be added to most any flavor to create a baked goods taste. Use any flavor combo from our previous blog or social media, and get creative and make your own!

3. Have a lube taste testing session 

Blindfold your partner and have them try to identify flavors as they lick them off your body. Switch between a sweeter lube like Sweet Peach and our Salted Caramel to give their taste buds a wild flavor adventure.

4. Flavored lubes and rimming

IYKYK- our flavors are SO good for rimming, especially for folks who are new to the game. Anal play can be intriguing and also a bit daunting when you’re first getting started. Try applying your favorite flavor to the anal area and Bon Appetit! It may now be your favorite snack.

5. Sweeten your make out session

Personal share- I love our flavors for french kissing. Try Butterscotch, our newest flavor, to take those kisses to a sweet, buttery new level. Try to see who can go the longest just making out. Hint: there is no loser here!


Have fun playing, and follow us on our socials to share your favorite flavor combo!




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