5 Common Lube Myths Debunked

These 5 lube myths are still so common! See them debunked by Resident Sex Educator jessica drake. Lube is for people with “problems” NOPE. Lube is made to enhance your sexual experiences, decrease friction, and increase pleasure. If my partner isn’t wet enough, I’m doing something wrong. Not at all. People can experience vaginal dryness…

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Abortion Rights & Women’s History Month

abortion and womens rights

Women’s History Month is a great time to reflect on all the achievements women have made throughout human history, as well as remember the battles for equality won over the last century. Now, as legislation across the country seeks to limit or remove reproductive rights for people with uteruses of any gender, it is more…

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5 Tips For Sensual Massage

The term “skin hunger” refers to our biological hard-wired need for human contact. During the worst of the pandemic as we were isolated, many people became touch deprived, causing anxiety, depression, and an overall increase in stress. In the midst of these difficult times, Wicked Sensual Care was working on mindfully crafting a line that…

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Sensual History & Facts About Valentine’s Day

February 14th has been a day of love and pleasure for a very long time. In 1537, King Henry VIII (yes, the one with six wives) declared February 14th and Valentine’s Day as a public holiday for love, and the tradition has persisted ever since. Five centuries later, a lot has changed about the way…

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8 Lube Dessert-Inspired Combo Ideas

birthday cake lube

With over a dozen flavors to choose from, Wicked Sensual Care lubes are perfect for mixing up the combo of your dreams. Try some of these lickable dessert and drink-inspired combinations or make up your own, the options are endless! Not sure which full-sized flavors you’ll love? Get a taste for four flavors at once…

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New Year, New Lube Adventure

jessica drake 2023 new year lubes

Out with the old and in with the new! January is a great time for fresh starts and trying new things, so I’ve put together a list of my five favorite Wicked Sensual Care products to ring in 2023. Awaken This clitoral massage gel acts as a stimulant to get the blood flowing and increase arousal.…

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Survey of Pleasure Results Released from Wicked Sensual Care

Survey of Pleasure Results Released from Wicked Sensual Care Personal Lubricant Brand Gathers Sexual Pleasure Data in Informal “Survey of Pleasure” The personal lubricant company Wicked Sensual Care has released the results from their informal Survey of Pleasure. The survey reveals interesting statistics about the participants’ sexual preferences, masturbation habits, kinks, and more. Over 200…

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Wicked Sensual Care Donates Over $145,000 To LGBTQ+ Charities

Wicked Sensual Care is committed to supporting underserved communities. Since the release of  simply™ Aqua Special Edition a year ago, Wicked Sensual Care is proud to have donated over $25,000 to eight different LGBTQ+ organizations through sales. Wicked Sensual Care and Resident Sex Educator jessica drake also provides weekly donations of safer sex supplies and…

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Your Lube Horoscope for 2023

2023 Lube-o-scope Welcome to your lube horoscope for 2023! What type of sensual exploration will you discover in the new year? Whatever you’re into, Wicked Sensual Care has a lube for that. Find your sun, moon, and rising sign below. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) The 10th sign of the zodiac and the last…

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jessica drake’s Wicked Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holiday Season! Greetings, reader. Time is FLYING by, and before you know it, it’ll be time to exchange gifts with the special people in your life. In the spirit of giving PLEASURE this holiday season, I’m sharing a few of my favorite things in the world of sexual health and wellness. 1. Our flavored…

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Sensual Gratitude with jessica drake

When November began, I started up an old tradition of 30 Days of Gratitude. I quickly realized pleasure is on my list, and it takes many forms, including sensual gratitude. I love when the seasons change and I feel the first hints of crisp fall autumn on my skin. I love the foods that come…

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Sexy Holiday Gifts

Sexy Holiday Gifts Sexy holiday presents are the gifts that keep on giving. Wicked Sensual Care lubes are the perfect gift idea for your partner, favorite SWer, friend-with-benefits, hookup, or situationship. They’re even great for solo sessions ;). These are some of our top sexy gift recommendations to get you going.                  Sexy Gift For Your…

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Sexy Recipes With Flavored Lube

sexy lube recipes

Sexy Recipes With Flavored Lube   Flavored lubes are great for more than just oral sex. These sexy recipes use Wicked Sensual Care’s water-based flavored lubricants in unique ways you’ve probably never thought of before. Try incorporating these fun and sexy ideas into your next date night or solo evening in. With twelve different flavors…

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Seasons Change.

jessica drake letter

Seasons Change.     It’s Libra Season!   I love October for a lot of reasons- the weather is changing, Halloween is coming, (and we know I love an excuse to dress up!) but most of all, I love it because Aids Walk LA happens in October- and that’s how I usually celebrate my birthday.…

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September Musings

jessica drake sexual health

Welcome to September, loves.   We’re in an extensive period of celebration- it’s still Anal Autumn, so feel free to keep exploring anal pleasure along with all the amazing lubes we have to compliment anal play. Refresh your anal education with this blog.   September is also Sexual Health month, coinciding with Back to School,…

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Why Sexual Health Matters

prostate cancer Wicked Sensual Care lube

Why Sexual Health Matters September is Sexual Health Awareness Month and National Prostate Health Month, and a great time to remember that health is a full-body and mind affair. Prioritizing and discovering personal pleasure is just as important to sexual health as medical testing, and Wicked Sensual Care lubes can help with that. From knowing…

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WICKED SENSUAL CARE Shines a Retail Employee Spotlight On EMILY CATTAFI of FANTASY GIFTS in Turnersville, New Jersey

Award-Winning Sexual Wellness Company Invites All Pleasure Products Professionals to Submit Their Nominations For the Next Retail Superstar Spotlight LOS ANGELES, CA – (AUGUST 26, 2022) – 2022 AVN Best Enhancement Manufacturer Wicked Sensual Care is shining its Retail Employee Spotlight on Emily Cattafi of Fantasy Gifts in Turnersville, New Jersey. Located at  5101 Black…

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WICKED SENSUAL CARE Shines a Retail Employee Spotlight On HOLLIE of ELATIONS in East Ridge, TN

Award-Winning Sexual Wellness Company Invites All Pleasure Products Professionals to Submit Their Nominations For the Next Retail Superstar Spotlight LOS ANGELES, CA – (AUGUST 11, 2022) – 2022 AVN Best Enhancement Manufacturer Wicked Sensual Care is shining its Retail Employee Spotlight on Hollie of Elations in East Ridge, Tennessee. Located at 5811 Ringgold Road, Elations…

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WICKED SENSUAL CARE Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Impact-Oriented Pleasure Products Leader Observes Its Tenth Anniversary and Promises More Innovation in Support of Its Growing Worldwide Presence   Los Angeles, CA – (August 4, 2022) – Today marks the 10th anniversary of Wicked Sensual Care, an industry leader in the sexual wellness space. In its first decade, Wicked Sensual Care has strengthened its…

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It’s Anal August

anal august jessica drake Wicked Sensual Care lube

It’s Anal August It’s officially Anal August! Before you read all the ways to celebrate  Anal August with Wicked Sensual Care, I want to share some information from Anal workshops I’ve given throughout the years.    At the beginning of class, I ask folks what their top concerns are about anal play. Here are the…

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Lubes That Make Anal Taste Great

anal lube flavored

Lubes That Make Anal Taste Great   In honor of Anal August, we are celebrating everything we love about anal play! From lubes that make anal taste great to the ultimate cushioney experience of the JELLE collection, we have the perfect lubes for anal play. Every Wicked Sensual Care lube works for anal play, but…

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jessica drake love silicone

silicone lube tips

Why jessica drake Loves Silicone Lube Well… Summer is here. It seems like every time I’m ready to write a new letter to y’all, something happens. So much so that it’s not just things “happening”, it’s that the shit storm is ongoing. I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of feelings right…

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2022’s Best Enhancement Manufacturer to Bring Exciting New Flavors to the 25th Annual ANME Show   LOS ANGELES, CA – (JULY 5, 2022) –  Top sexual wellness company Wicked Sensual Care, winner of the 2022 AVN Award for Best Enhancement Manufacturer, today announced it is exhibiting at the 2022 Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo (ANME). The three-day…

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Heat Up Summer With Warming Lubes

warming lube tips

  This summer is going to be a hot one, so why not make it even hotter? Wicked Sensual Care’s personal warming lubes are the perfect way to heat things up this season. No matter what kind of play you’re indulging in, we’ve got you covered. Aqua Heat, Ultra Heat, Toy Fever, and Jelle Heat…

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  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WICKED SENSUAL CARE Shines a Retail Employee Spotlight On KIMBERLY WILSON of PASSIONS IN COLUMBIA Award-Winning Sexual Wellness Company Invites All Pleasure Products Professionals to Submit Their Nominations For the Next Retail Superstar Spotlight LOS ANGELES, CA – (JUNE 29, 2022) –  2022 AVN Best Enhancement Manufacturer Wicked Sensual Care is…

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abortion ban Wicked Sensual Care lube

This is not okay. Today’s attack on reproductive rights, sexual privacy, and bodily autonomy has been in the works for many years. It took feminist groups decades to fight for their bodily rights and pressure lawmakers into the Roe v. Wade decision. Access to abortion care has been necessary for people with uteruses for thousands…

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  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  WICKED SENSUAL CARE Receives Multiple 2022  STOREROTICA AWARDS Nominations   Los Angeles, CA – (June 15, 2022) – Top sexual wellness brand Wicked Sensual Care today announced it has received multiple 2022 Storerotica Awards nominations. The nominations include Sexual Enhancement Company of the Year as well as the top designation in…

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Educator Spotlight

educator spotlight Wicked Sensual Care lube

We are excited to highlight LGBTQ+ educators in honor of Pride Month! Check out all these lovely humans.   Bianca Laureano Bianca Laureano (she/her) is an award-winning queer-identifying educator, curriculum writer, facilitator, and sexologist. Bianca is foundress of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network, co-founder of The LatiNegrxs Project, ANTE UP! Virtual Freedom Professional…

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What Pride Means To Me

jessica drake

What Pride Means To Me letter from jessica drake Happy Pride Month! As we dive into a Summer of the world continuing to open up again, we can expect to see bigger Pride celebrations than ever before, with people making up for lost time and realizing the value of connection and community. For me, Pride…

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Great Products For Outdoor Sex

It’s the Summer of Lube, and Wicked Sensual Care has travel-friendly flavors ready for your next adventure. We offer two travel-sized variety packs of our best selling flavored lubes aptly named Teasers.  If you’re planning to incorporate intimate pleasure during summer adventures, we’d like you to try both the Coffeehouse Mix and Fresh Fruit Mix.…

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Anal Is Fun And These Lubes Prove It

Wicked Sensual Care has the best lubes and educational guide for “Anal August.” JELLE, JELLE Chill, and JELLE Heat offer the ultimate cushion-y experience for anal play.   Anal Is Fun And These Lubes Prove It   We’d love your help normalizing anal play and spreading the word that using our luxurious lubes will enhance…

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Masturbation & Mental Health

masturbation mental health

Think back to the first time you discovered masturbation.     That feeling of sheer pleasure and delight as you found something downright magical that your body can do just for fun. Think back to the frequency and intensity.   Now think about your masturbatory habits today. Are you still exploring your body with the…

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Masturbation May & Temperature Play

temperature play Wicked Sensual Care lube

May is Masturbation Month   Celebrate Masturbation Month by getting a little handsy with yourself! We suggest ditching the toys for a session and reaching for one of our warming or cooling lubes for extra sensation and a little something different when it comes to exploring yourself. With three different viscosity levels in our collection,…

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Wicked Sensual Care Lube Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Kissable & Lickable Lubes to Celebrate Mother’s Day    Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we have the perfect gift to make the celebration unforgettable. Wicked Sensual Care products should be on your radar this year to give your partner, spouse, or best friend something unique and memorable. Celebrate Mother’s Day with Lube…

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WSC Donates Sales To LGTBQ+ Organizations Year Round

June is Pride Month, but you can participate in Pride year-round by giving coverage to Wicked Sensual Care’s simply™ collection. Wicked Sensual Care is a personal lubricant brand that takes pride in donating a portion of simply™Aqua Special Edition sales, to LGTBQ+ community organizations, all year long.    LGBTQ+ Friendly Lube Brands    Since the…

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Celebrate Masturbation Month With These Products

  Wicked Sensual Care can help you “spring into pleasure” with award-winning masturbation products like Creme stroking cream and Awaken clitoral gel. Our variety of high-quality and limited-ingredient products empower people to explore their own pleasure. Creme is great for penile masturbation, and external vaginal masturbation. The botanical blend in Awaken clitoral stimulating massage gel…

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Orgs We Love

sexual assault awareness month

Orgs We Love   Wicked Sensual Care is proud to support amazing organizations in the community. We would like to encourage our readers to learn more about these great causes and consider lending your support if their cause resonates for you. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and we are excited to show our love…

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